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United Seniors of Maryland is a consortium of organizations and individuals that advocate to preserve and enhance the mental, physical, and financial well being of Maryland Seniors.

United Seniors of Maryland (USM) was started over thirty years ago when several local senior leaders from across the State met to discuss serious problems confronting Maryland seniors.  They came from diverse backgrounds, National Active and Retired Federal Employees (NARFE), AARP, UAW-AFL/CIO, Maryland Retired School Personnel Association, and several local Commissions on Aging.

That gathering led to several bills being introduced in the General Assembly.  One was the Homestead Protection Act which became known as the "Circuit Breaker."  Today that bill is still a safety switch against escalating property taxes for homeowners with limited income.

The group became a non-profit organization called United Seniors of Maryland.  Those initial successes set the precedent that USM has continued to follow by playing an effective and important role as an advocate for Maryland seniors.  Now, USM is not only an active advocate on legislation, it is also a key player on State Boards, Commissions, and Task Forces concerned with senior issues.

Today, more than ever, USM has a vital role to play in ensuring the well being of Maryland seniors.  The senior population is growing, almost exponentially.  Already, the total number of Maryland seniors exceeds the total number of students enrolled in public schools.

This is happening while the State's revenues are shrinking!  And, because of shrinking revenues, available funding to support those seniors who need assistance is shrinking.

There are many groups in the State that have an interest in senior issues.  Working alone, each can only do so much; working together, we can do much more.  The Organizational and Individual Members that make up United Seniors of Maryland are poised to play an even more vital role as the premier Maryland consortium of advocates for seniors.

Taken together, the member organizations reach out to more than 2.5 million Marylanders.  Member organizations include State and local governments, non-profits, associations, area agencies on aging, unions, provider groups interested in the welfare of seniors, retirement communities, and other consumer groups.  They, along with hundreds of individual members, can, and will, affect the well being of Maryland seniors.

USM is vibrant and growing.   We invite you to join with us in making Maryland the best place in the Country for seniors.


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